Frying Pan Farm Park Visitor Center

Are you looking for the best place to visit for family and friend parties in Herndon, VA? Visit frying pan farm park Virginia and get a chance to visit more than 100 farm animals and closely see the historical Northern Virginia farm life.

You will see barns and buildings that will interpret the 1920s to 1950s farm life. Enjoy hiking trails, equestrian facilities, antique carousel, farm store, and much more there. Frying Pan Farm Park is a famous place in the Fairfax County park system due to many reasons. You can visit there for free and can spend several hours with your family. You can bring your leashed dogs and pets with you except during special events.

Spend Time with farm park animals

Visiting animals in Frying Pan Farm Park is an essential part of every visit. You will see more than hundreds of animals there, including pigs, horses, sheep, cows, geese, peacocks, ducks, rabbits, and many more. You can spend your time with animals and can analyze their natural life in the pasture.

Your every visit to Frying Pan Farm Park is unique because you experience different animals and can enjoy changing farms life.

Enjoy a ride at Frying Pan Farm Park.

You also have the facilities to enjoy a free ride during warm months at an antique carousel or on a farm wagon. Bring your horses to enjoy horse riding in the park’s trails and rings for more fun.

Reserve 30 minutes Wagon ride for just 40 dollars for your family groups of up to 9 members. The wagon is lined up with 2 benches pulled by the farm’s draft horses. Wagon rides timings vary from season to season, depending on the weather. You can visit animals’ farms, trails and different parts of parks at the wagon.

Reserve Farm Park Visitor Center for your Parties

Farm Park Visitor Center is the most prominent place in Frying Pan Farm Park, located at 2739 West Ox Rd, Herndon, VA, 20171. You can reserve facilities for your parties. Facilities are available to reserve for your small and big gatherings.

You can reserve classroom facilities for small parties such as for birthday parties or family gathering up to 40 people and get facilities for a separate entry, separate restroom, refrigerator, free Wi-Fi, and serving counter.

For your big gatherings of people up to 150 to 200 can reserve the Auditorium. Make your parties special with free Wi-Fi, acoustic panels, sound system, and projection screen.

Auditorium and Classroom building is very attractive and gives a very nice feeling to spend time there. You can make reservations before 14 days from the date of your event in Farm Park Visitor Center.

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