How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

Your website is your online shop, whether you run online, offline, or both, which is why it makes good sense to invest in expert website design. Just how much does it cost to construct a site for a small company, though?

Typically, small companies will invest $2000 to $10,000 to develop a website. The expense to produce a website for your small business will depend upon your website’s functions. Sites with more functions or customized elements typically cost more due to their intricacy.
Are you prepared to get more information about small business website expenses? Keep reading and find out: 

  • What elements determine your website design expenses 
  • Whether to utilize a site builder or a leading web design company 
  • How much to set aside for site upkeep expenses

What is the average expense to develop a site for a small business?

The typical expense to develop a site for a small business is $2000 to $10,000.

This average consists of acquiring your domain and site hosting plan, in addition to designing and developing your site. How much your business pays to develop your website will depend upon its size, functions, and intricacy.

7 factors influencing your small company’s website design expenses

Sure, you understand the average expense to develop a website for a small business, however what comprises that number? When it pertains to small business website design expenses, you have numerous cost factors– and several are vital.

For instance, your site design expenses will usually include these seven elements:

1. Domain ($0.95– $12/ domain)

Your domain resembles your online street address. For instance, Apple lives at– is the tech giant’s domain name. Typically, you’ll buy a domain identical to your business name, like Apple did.

A domain will typically cost $0.95 to $12 per domain name.

You can search and invest in domains from a company like GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Dreamhost.

If your domain name isn’t for sale, you may need to pick an alternative choice. While you can approach the existing owner of a domain, this choice will typically cost more.

2. Site hosting ($24– $120/ year).

If your domain is like your online address, website hosting resembles your online power business. You require a website hosting plan if you wish to switch on your store’s lights in the digital world. That’s because web hosting services power your site and make it available on the Internet.

Website hosting costs vary from $24 to $24,000 annually. As a small company, you’ll normally see lower web hosting expenses. A lot of small websites, for instance, usage shared hosting, which costs around $24 to $120 annually.

With shared hosting, your company will “share” a server with numerous other websites. That’s why shared hosting expenses less. Shared hosting does feature more restricted server resources, however it’ll typically work well for small websites due to the fact that they need fewer resources.

If you discover you need more server resources, like due to a sluggish site, you can constantly upgrade your strategy.

3. SSL certificate ($0– $1500/ year).

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate secures your website and its visitors’ information.

While optional, most businesses consider an SSL certificate vital. It acts as a trust signal, which can encourage users to finish your contact form or buy your product. SSL certificates likewise secure customer data from hackers, which safeguards your company and reputation.

In many cases, your business can get an SSL certificate free of charge.

Your web hosting company, for example, might provide an SSL certificate with your subscription. Depending upon your requirements, however, you might choose to buy an SSL certificate, which can cost approximately $1500 annually to safeguard your website.

4. Design Style ($2000– $15,000).

When it concerns small business web design costs, design is an expense element that differs widely.

Your establishment might choose a no-fuss appearance while another might desire a high-end design that needs more designer time.

In addition, you’ll likely require numerous designs or templates, like for the following pages:

  • Homepage 
  • Product or service page 
  • Contact page

That’s why site design expenses can vary from $2000 to $15,000.

For the most part, small companies will not reach $15,000 in design costs.

When chatting with web design agencies, inquire about their design expenses. Request examples, for example, of what a high-end design appears like and what a basic design appears like so you can construct a practical spending plan for your organization.

5. Amount of pages ($1000– $5000).

Websites vary in size.

While an ecommerce shop might include over 100 pages, a service-based business may have less than 10. From a website design and development point of view, it requires some time to design and develop those pages, even if the pages use a few of the exact same designs.

For instance, an ecommerce shop may have 50 product pages. Those product pages utilize the exact same style template. The design and development group, nevertheless, requires to publish images, videos, and copy to those pages, along with test the pages.

These tasks require time, which is why sites with more pages cost more.

Page expenses can vary from $1000 to $5000 for websites with 1 to 50 pages, which is the typical page number for small company sites.

Normally, web design companies will price pages in tiers, like 1 to 10 pages or 10 to 20 pages. If your organization required 8 pages, for instance, you would fall under the 1- to 10-page classification and pay that tier’s rate.

6. Performance ($ 2000– $25,000).

When it pertains to website design, performance encompasses a range of functions, with many concentrating on ecommerce abilities. If your business wishes to accept online payments or orders, prepare for functionality costs in your small business’s website design expenses.

Even if you supply services, like landscaping, plumbing, or house cleaning, it’s worthwhile to provide online payments. For many buyers, online payments provide convenience. If your company’s website accepts online payments, it can work as a distinct selling point and assist you to gain more customers.

Website design costs for performance features range from $2000 to $25,000.

As a smaller sized organization, your performance expenses will likely range towards the lower end versus the higher end. That’s because smaller sized sites don’t need the robust payment systems that big websites like Amazon do.

For the most accurate estimate of this small business website design expenses, talk with an expert web design business, like Thrive Today Media. We can assist your business identify what sort of ecommerce. functionality would work best for your website and organization. Just call us online to talk!

7. CMS ($0– $25,000).

A CMS, like WordPress, is an important tool.

For reference, a CMS is a kind of software that lets your company create, manage, and upgrade site content without coding understanding. For lots of users, it’s comparable to operating in a word processing program like Microsoft Word.

With a CMS, your organization can modify and update your site with ease. For instance, if you wish to alter service or product costs, you may easily log into your CMS and make the update, without calling your web developer.

Typically, a CMS costs $0 to $25,000.

In many cases, the amount you invest in a CMS will depend upon your favored CMS and the degree of customization. If your design and development team invests more time personalizing your CMS, it makes good sense that your CMS will cost more.

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Just how much does DIY web design versus expert website design expense?

The cost to produce a site for a small company depends greatly on whether your business develops your website internally or with the knowledge of an expert web design company.

On average, diy website design with a site builder costs $0 to $300, while expert web design costs $2000 to $10,000.

A site builder can appear like an economical option, however there are some drawbacks, consisting of:

  • Doing all the work, which can postpone your website’s launch considerably
  • You need to find out how to maintain your website and troubleshoot errors
  • You have to opt for a cookie-cutter site

While you might pay up to $300 to develop your website with a site. builder, you’re likewise paying with your time. It’ll take some time for you to find out how to utilize the site builder, as well as researched vital factors, like fundamental web design guidelines and finest practices for SEO, which assists people in organically discovering your website.

The concern you must ask is, “Do I have the time?” If not, consider buying expert website design services.

An expert group of web designers can assist your organization to produce a gorgeous and functional website that helps your business draw in new consumers. With time, your investment in website design services will pay for itself.

BONUS: 9 repeating site maintenance costs

Nine site upkeep costs to anticipate include:

  • Domain name– $5- $20/year.
  • SSL certificates– $0- $20/year.
  • Web hosting providers– $2.75- $120.00/ year.
  • CMS– $0- $500/month.
  • Email hosting– $1- $15/month.
  • Tech support– $0- $1,000/ month.
  • Search engine optimization– $0- $3000/month.
  • Content updates– $0– $3,000 overall.
  • General maintenance– $0- $200/month.

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