How To Promote Your New Website – 10 Effective Website Launch Ideas To Get Attention And Traffic

So, you’ve chosen to build a new site for your company and can’t wait for it to go live. The layout is telling a complete story, you included some nice images, and even made it intuitive to see your call-to-action.

With a yearning to share it with the world, you excitedly smash the publish button and …

No leads or phone calls arrive to your brand-new website.

You assume it will just take some time waiting for customer opportunities to appear. But countless weeks and possibly months pass by and you’re not as busy as you thought you’d be. You then recognize that something else needs to be executed to ensure your website is finally being noticed.

With countless brand-new websites and pages being contributed to the internet all the time, understanding how to promote a brand-new site and drive traffic to it is vital to your success. 

So if you’re looking for effective ideas to promote your new website then read these 10 promotional launch ideas to guarantee your website gets the attention it deserves as soon it is live.

1. Implement Search Engine Optimization Strategies

One of the most tried and true and reliable methods to promote a brand-new website is by executing proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The advantages of SEO can take a good deal of time and effort in advance but they have significant effects that have the potential to last for several years to come. Prior to publishing your website live, it is important that you verify that the website is optimized for organic search to make it simpler to rank.

Online search engine like Google are continuously changing their algorithms. Because of this, you’ll want to regularly update your site while also regularly pumping out brand-new content. This will assist with promoting your site and show websites like Google that you’re reputable and an authority figure in your niche.

2. Start a Website Blog

Blogging has become one of the very best methods for people to find your brand-new website and discover your business.

These educational pieces of content can be written to teach users about your offers, demonstrate the advantages of your services, or perhaps include behind the scenes elements of your company. If you write these post yourself, it is an ideal method to promote your site totally free.

Particularly if you’re a small local business trying to find more customer opportunities, a blog site is one of the most tried and true methods to promote your new website.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

Have you ever wondered how to promote a new site on social media? Social channels like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to attract organic and paid traffic to your website. And with billions of active users on these platforms you essentially have an endless supply of customer opportunities.

When you promote on social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, you can share promotions and deals to draw in new consumers and increase traffic to your site.

Grow your tribe by having an advertisement budget behind your social media posts to get a significant boost in the variety of individuals who view the content you share. You might even want to think about including a video to your social media ad with the hopes that it will go viral.

4. Try Advertising With Digital Marketing

While techniques like SEO and social media marketing can be classified under the umbrella of digital marketing, there are numerous aspects to this glorious site launch promo tool. Digital marketing also consists of strategies like pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, e-mail marketing, reputation management, and more.

The more effort you can give to each of these methods, the more customer opportunities you’ll receive. And as you figure out which ones are most beneficial to your organization, you can slowly reduce the work you put into the other strategies.

5. Publish Some Press Releases

Promoting your new site wouldn’t be right without sending out some press releases.

These types of content are used to objectively alert people in your area (whether regional or online) that your site is officially live. In fact it’s a fantastic way to promote free of charge and get your company acknowledged by news media and other publications.

Press coverage is generally written by a journalist of a media channel or a freelancer who has access to publishing connections with well-known print or online publications or newsletters. Spend some time to explore which publications would be most appropriate for your industry and company to guarantee your press coverage reaches an audience who will receptive to what you have to provide.

6. Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Comparable to a press release, guest blogging provides the chance to share your own content or ideas on somebody else’s website or blog. This provides the opportunity to tap into another business’s already established community that is relevant to your niche.

While some will ask you for payment to post on their blog, others will be less pickier to let you share promotional website content for free.

A simple search on Google is usually the easiest to find a blog that will host you. Just search top [niche] blog list and see what you discover.

7. Make Sure Your Website is Listed On Local Directories 

Understanding how to drive more traffic to a new website can be complicated, however small businesses with a local location can massively benefit from listing their business information on directory listing websites. Without adding your company to directories your SEO wont improve, customer opportunities will have trouble finding you online, and you will also limit customers from leaving reviews about your company.

A few of the most reputable directories to add your local listing details include Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and more.

8. Don’t Ignore Direct Mail

Although lots of individuals believe mailers and flyers aren’t effective, they remain among the most efficient ways for promoting your new website.

In fact, recent studies have actually revealed that direct mail response rates are about nine times greater than numerous advertising channels.

As long as you can create an interesting flyer that catches someone’s attention, provides a clear call-to-action, and uses a compelling offer, you will have a solid opportunity to send online traffic to your website. Think about getting help from an expert designer who can help with create you an eye-catching design.

9. Join Online Forums

Another great way to promote a brand-new site without paying is to follow, ask, and engage with people’s questions and comments throughout online forums. Websites like Quora and Reddit each have millions of active users, offering a significant amount of customer opportunities to with individuals who might be interested in the services or products you sell.

Navigating through these forums, you’ll discover that they are divided into categories, making it simple to discover conversations that are currently happening within your market or specific niche. By supplying important insight within these communities, you can invite users to your brand-new website to discover options to the problems they are dealing with.

10. Initiate conversations First Via Outbound Marketing

Theres no denying that spending time cold calling isn’t fun. But it is still an effective strategy to build authentic relationships with individuals and share information about your company and promote your new site. This direct outreach tactic may seem outdated however if customers dont know your business exists in the first place, they wont search for something they arent aware of.

You will find that cold calling is usually more reliable for B2B businesses when you’re able to reach the right decision maker within the company. And with a little extra help utilizing tools like Alignable or LinkedIn, you can find these individuals and connect with them directly for a much better possibility of making the sale.

Understanding How to Promote a New Website is a Critical Step

When you decide to build a site for your company, you’ll need to put in the work to promote it effectively. Utilizing the strategies mentioned above, you can experience a greater increase in website traffic and see higher conversion rates.

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