Runnymede Park

If you want to explore Herndon Virginia in a peaceful, simple way, then the best thing you can do is to give the Runnymede Park a try. This park has 58 acres of meadows and woods. The park can be entered from the 195 Herndon Parkway and you even have parking available as well. One of the main advantages you get here is that the park offers the opportunity to check out multiple trails where you can enjoy the fauna and flora of the region. Additionally, there are 2 picnic shelters available and you can reserve them if you want.

When is the Runnymede Park open?

When you are in the Fairfax County region and want to explore the park, it’s a very good idea to figure out when it’s open. The important thing to note here is that the park is open daily from dawn to dusk. That’s great because you get to experience the cultural heritage of the region and natural beauty in a unique and unprecedented manner. Being able to enjoy a peaceful time with friends and family while also exploring the park trails is incredibly engaging and enjoyable at the same time.

Why should you visit the Runnymede Park?

Runnymede Park is recognized as a Native Plant Registry Site for Virginia. It features more than 400 plant varieties here, and you will be amazed with their diversity and uniqueness. Aside from that, here you can find a variety of animals too. These include deer, foxes, raccoons, beavers, lots of different birds, insects and so on. The natural diversity and interesting, beautiful trails really make Runnymede Park a tranquil, incredible location to check out, and you will be incredibly happy with the experience. The best part is that the park is open every day, so you can easily come here to unwind, relax and explore a lot of amazing places.

The Naturefest celebration

If you come to visit Fairfax Country in September, you can become a part of Naturefest. This is a hands-on nature event where you can spotlight the animals living here. On top of that, you also get to volunteer and focus on protecting the environment by learning a lot of new things. Naturefest also features arts and crafts, live animal shows, and you can visit the nature stations within the park too. It’s an incredible place to explore and one of the best Northern Virginia activities you can enjoy with the family during the fall season. Runnymede Park is one of the best, most tranquil places to visit in Fairfax County. If you want to visit Northern Virginia and you want to step away from those loud, noisy locations, this is the right place to check out. Not only is it incredibly peaceful here, but you get to explore nature in all of its glory. It can also be a place where you can enjoy some great trails and exercise a bit. Avail the opportunity and visit the Runnymede Park if you’re in Herndon, VA!

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