The Herndon Historical Society

In 1971 the Herndon Historical Society was established. Its intention, as mentioned in the constitution of the Society, is to unite those individuals interested in history, and specifically in the history of the Herndon, Virginia, location.

In 1979 the Society developed a museum in combination with the Town’s centennial event. The museum lies in Herndon’s historic train depot nearby to the WO&D path in the heart of the downtown and is open from 12PM-3PM on Sundays March through the middle of December. The museum consists of a selection of products and collectables that show the lifestyle, occasions, conditions, and activities of Herndon and the neighboring locations.

Information About Meetings

Historical Society conferences and other unique functions are held at the museum. The Society convenes three times annually— on the 4th Wednesday in September, May, and January. All conferences, which are complementary and available to the general public, spotlight guest speakers– consisting of historians, authors, and reporters– who concentrate on subjects of regional historic interest.

The Purpose

Beyond preserving the museum, the Society is associated with lots of activities. For instance:

The Herndon Depot

At Lynn Street in downtown Herndon, the Herndon Historical Society keeps a museum in the Herndon Depot. And occasionally the Historical Society uses up funds to assist in its maintenance even though Herndon (the town) is in charge of the depot. Found on the roof of the depot, the repairing of the initial railroad semaphore was the most current repair task.

Historical Homes Registry Program

To boost public consciousness of Herndon’s older houses and structures and their contribution to the Town’s unique nature and vivacity, the Society sponsors the historical homes registry program.

When an owner records the history of their house and shows that it pleases specific requirements– for example the original building being half a decade or older and suitable with the nature of Herndon, along with being of engineered or historic significance to the Town– the application is authorized and a proposal for a verdict is sent to the council of Herndon. Then when the resolution, which accredits the historical significance of the structure, is validated, the building is qualified to get an official plaque. Additionally all documents becomes infused with the Society’s information center, and an image and short history are put online at the Historical Society’s site.

The Caboose

During the year 1989, railroad fanatic and long time Society member George Moore found some caboose in a surplus, scheduled it to have it transferred to Herndon, and worked with the Public Works Herndon Department to set up the area of rail track on which it stands on. Found nearby to the Washington and Old Dominion path– previously the Washington & Old Dominion railroad line– the caboose functions as a reminder of the town’s rail history. Although the caboose is currently owned by the Town of Herndon, the Society remains monitoring its condition and to pay for the interior upkeep. In 2003, which was also the year George died, the caboose was devoted in Moore’s memory. Then 5 years later in 2008, the interior was repaired back and it’s windows were water tight enhanced.

Yearly Model Train Show

Every December, generally the 2nd Saturday/Sunday, the Herndon Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the Herndon Historical Society, funds a Caboose/Depot Open House and Annual Model Train Show. The celebration is held at the Herndon Municipal Center, Caboose and the Depot – – highlights the most popular train models such as the N, O, and HO gauge model trains.

The Small Park Surrounding The Gas House

The gas producing center situated across from Herndon’s Municipal Center was sponsored by the Historical Society in 1989 for repairs and enhancements. The developments consisted of a screen that illustrates the manner the center was managed, together with gardening for the small park that encloses the area. To honor Larry Clarity (previous Society president), the park was devoted in remembrance to him. And In the same manner, benches were also contributed but were dedicated to remember Bill Mofett (another society member).

Beyond The Society

To guarantee that the public stays thinking about and familiar with the history of the Herndon location, the Society sustains participation in academic and maintenance related activities. For instance, to make sure that Herndon’s historic “yellow house” was transferred from a funeral home called Adams Green and to a unique location at the edge of Pearl Street and Oak Street, Society members vigorously partnered with the town to make it happen. Moreover, their goals were to have it offered for sale when it was contracted for bulldozing.

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