Bready Park

The Origins Of The Park

Less than an hour from downtown in the nation’s capital sits beautiful Herndon, Virginia. Inside lies Bready Park, a leisure location with an unexpected relation to Bucks County.

The park is named after Herndon’s very first political leader named Isaiah Bready who was born in 1803 in Bucks County. His grandfather Thomas Bredy was a private for the Revolutionary War before Isaiah Bready died in 1913.

During 1855, Isaiah’s parents transferred him over to Virginia. They managed a costly ranch that he ultimately inherited following his marital relationship and his parents’ death. During the Civil War, Bready refused to sign up with the southern soldiers, a choice that decreased his popularity amongst residents in the south.

Throughout the dispute some have stated that he was a faithful Union who kept ties to his antebellum roots. After the war in Virginia, Bready’s household added 9 kids. In 1867 a brand-new stone house was built by the elders of the Bready family and to this day that structure stays intact.

Moreover, Bready’s importance in the town cultivated. His skill at solving disputes resulted in him being appointment as an informal judge, even though he had no training in the law. When the town of Herndon was incorporated in 1870, Isaiah Bready became the town’s first mayor. His term as as mayor lasted until June of 1883 and then he passed away at the age of 82 in 1913.

Isaiah Bready’s descendants remained living in the same stone home up till 2018, when it was bought for St. Joseph Church by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. By 1976 Herndon’s Parks and Recreation Department was established and continues to supervise Bready Park today.

Renting Space At The Park

At the park, you can rent a big picnic shelter that accommodates 140 individuals on average. Bready Park currently stands at the corner of the Herndon Community Center at 814 Ferndale Avenue.

5 hours are the maximum amount of time you can rent out the shelter and the price for renting is usually $110 for Herndon locals or $160 for those who aren’t residents. To hold a certain rental date and time you must pay a non-refundable deposit beforehand.

Expect to put down 40 percent of the rental fee. For your convenience there are also flushable toilers next to the shelter. If there are harsh weather conditions there are no refunds however, the occasion can still be rescheduled if a date is not already booked.

The Indoor Tennis Center

Not coincidentally, Bready Park also includes a public tennis facility situated at 856 Ferndale Ave. During the fall, winter, and spring seasons you can play at any three of their covered tennis courts. If those seasons aren’t a good fit, you can play at their indoor tennis center.

Keep in mind that all tennis lessons must be offered through the tennis center or its expert staff. People who schedule or reserve a random time at the court are not allowed to give lessons without approval from the tennis center.

Check out Bready Park’s existing list of our indoor tennis and pickleball leagues and classes for more information.

Or if you’re interested in knowing about specific hours and costs please visit the Tennis Center website.

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