Stratton Woods Park

Stratton Woods Park is a 1.8 mile back trail situated near Reston, Virginia that provides the possibility to see wildlife and benefits all ability levels. The route is primarily utilized for hiking, strolling, running, and nature journeys however there are also great deals of opportunities for seeing wildlife, particularly birds. Canines are also able to utilize this path however should be kept leashed.

The Stratton Woods Park resembles a sanctuary in the center of town with its lavish green yard area, sports centers, picnic area and nature pathways. Extending over 30 acres, the Stratton Woods Park has tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, beachball courts, and baseball fields that are well-kept.

If you don’t want your kids getting tired from direct exposure to heat, you can stay shaded near the the kids’ playground equipment that positioned on a wooden chipped area.

To extend you children’s pleasure they can also climb up walls, slides, bumping slides, and swings. Throughout spring, the park appears nothing short of spectacular with lively leaves that make it irresistible to hike along the pathway through the forest.

If your youngsters want to take a break or savor a snack, a couple of picnic tables are available around the playground. I’ve already taken my niece and nephew and they enjoyed everything at park. That being said, we hope to return in spring when the forest is fully thriving. If you are a resident of Fairfax County or if you are looking to move to the Herndon area then you definitely must visit this park.

Noteworthy Locations to Check Out:

The limitless sky, particularly on a non-cloudy day, makes it simple to spot flyovers and track them before they reach a far-off timberline.

Going between all the fields and centers offers adequate opportunity to see squatting birds or birds jumping/leaning along the path. There are likewise a number spots of high grasses and short trees that offer protection for birds in the center of the fields.

The partially-dead trees along Fox Mill Road are preferred places for raptors to perch on. Remember to also view the controlling antenna tower to see if any birds actually set down upon it.

If you proceed near the perimeter of the park, you can find a variety of birds concealing under cover or sweeping about near the tops of trees.

Following the park’s boundary one can find any variety of birds concealing under cover or sweeping about near the treetops.

Parking at Stratton Woods:

A public parking lot is near at the park’s entryway situated closest to Fox Mill Road.

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